Save the Date

You have been looking through the event feed and found a couple of things that look interesting. Well, go ahead and save the date to add it all to your calendar and interact with other fellows who want to attend it as well.

Besides you also get to display your mugshot at the event's "Fellows" section. Nice!

Go-Live/ Go Off-Air

The time has come and you have arrived at that concert you saved the date for weeks.

Once you get there, do not forget to Go-live, enjoy it with your buddies and tell everyone you have arrived! Also, go off-air when you are ready to leave, double your points and let your fellows know it is already time to hit the road.

Invite Buddies

Yes, that party you just bumped into looks like a nice place to go next Friday night, and you really need your best friends there. So, invite buddies that have not been sent an invite yet, get them to Save the Date and interact with you and all the other fellows in the event.

Not only that will increase the fun, it will raise your chances of becoming a top fellow as well. Each new invite gets you additional 3pts.


And so the hot-dog stand is packed at halftime, but you have just found another one at the other end of the hall in which you do not even have someone to chat with? Send a FellowTip about it and get liked by the other fellows.

You might get company to enjoy your hot-dog, and some appreciation on the tip, which gets you additional 7pts per like, while they get 2pts for liking it.


Well all your buddies have decided to go to that festival in which your favorite bands are playing, and you took too long to decide and ended up not buying your ticket. Try requiring it through a boost-me, and you can set yourself up! If that works, hit it again for a lift, shelter and more!

Besides the chance of getting hooked up with your needs, there is an additional 5pts per boost-me posted. In the other hand, whoever boosts a fellow gets 30pts. Help your buddies and build your way up to be the Top Fellow!

Send us questions or give your feedback.

Your impressions does matter!. We encourage you to contact us in any case, so we can always try to improve your experience with FellowMe! Welcome to this fellowship, buddy!.

Promote an Event

So, are you an event owner or promoter? FellowMe is for you too! Here we´ll take the event planning to another level! Be sure that, with FellowMe, your business will be boosted! Curious?! Please, contact us that soon enough we'll drop you a line, buddy!

Name Email

We are getting there

Hey buddy, in a week we will disclose fellowme at SXSW, but we will informe you properly! Make sure to be up to date to our releases! Soon enough we will contact you with great news!

Name Email

FellowMe is requiring a Boost!

As a raising startup formed by curious and restless fellows, we are always looking for buddies who want to take part in this adventure either financially or spiritually, so our clients and users can experience an always-improving service. Don't hesitate to ask for our pitch deck at communications@myfellowme.com

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Get to know our great staff

Those are the passionate and dedicated Fellows that are making it happen!

Fernando Santo André

Founder / CEO

Specialized in Market Intelligence, has a great value perception over information and what it can bring to businesses. Has had an startup experience early in his career, and moved on to the consumer goods industry before founding FellowMe.

Raised in the countryside of Sao Paulo state, is passionate about new challenges, and believes it only gets better as it gets harder. Enjoys music, good food and hanging out with his friends. Speed is also very appreciated.

André Ferri Conejo

Founder / COO

Holds a bachelor in Molecular Biology and made an early-move to Strategic Planning career; Has worked in global corporations and in several startups, with which he participated and transitioned through three M&A's;

As a Brazilian educated in scientific background and passionate for innovation, believes that curiosity, going along with passion and great people, can truly make it happen. All kinds of sports, music, a great book and discovering new places helps in de-stress! 

Guilherme Mogames


Tech guy with over 10 years of IT experience and with several types of technologies. From PHP to iOS development, has worked on several large projects for companies like Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Yahoo, Nike and many more.

Crazy about Coca Cola, Music and Movies, had a Rush Cover band for over 4 years.

Not really good writing short, long or any size bio about himself.

Rafael LaCerda

Head of Design and Comunication

I'm @rafalacerda, an advertiser, social, tech-savy, communication guy and addicted to good stuff.

Technology, people, music, nightlife, sports, communication and his GoPro. Holds a Master in Best Burger Joints to Eat in São Paulo.

Worked on small, medium and huge ad agencies, companies and startups. Hold projects side by side with Audi, Kimberly-Clark, Nickelodeon, Redbull, Shell, Vh1, Walmart and more.

Luciana Van Deursen Loew

Social Content Manager

Started her career in major Brazilian consumer product companies and ad agencies and began to shift it to communications and media-related content in the web after a while.

Planning strategy and generating content for major brands' social media profiles came then as a natural step, that later became Echo AD, her digital content company. A girl in love with books, writing, internet, family and her other very important job: being a mom.

Jacqueline Lafloufa

Public Relation

Internet heavy-user and early adopter in almost every trending thing on the web, I've been working with tech journalism since 2009, covering events in Brazil and following international media about the subject. Specialized in science journalism, I'm now executive editor at one of the most known Brazilian media news site and current enthusiast of FellowMe, working as PR and Communications for the FellowTeam ;)